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Lombardo & Scavuzzo

Fabio Lombardo was born in Tunisi, Italy in 1942 and studied architecture in Florence and Palermo, graduating in 1969. From 1974 to 2002 he designed showrooms, house interiors and installations for exhibitions in several Italian and other European cities. From 1988 he work for industrial design, designing products and furniture for many large corporations. Giusi Scavuzzo was born in Enna, Italy in 1971. She studied architecture in Palermo and Venice, graduating in 1999. She has a doctorate in Research on Architectural Composition from the IUAV University of Venice and collaborates with the University of Trieste on teaching and research. From 1999 she has worked on restoration projects and in interior design. Both Lombardo and Scavuzzo live and work in Venice.