Carlo Bimbi

Born in Volterra, Italy, in 1944, Carlo Bimbi has created a long and successful career in design over the years. He graduated from the Art Institute of Volterra, where he honed his craft and met Mino Trafeli, a talented sculptor who was influential in Bimbi’s design methods. After collaborating with many successful Italian design firms, Bimbi started an independent industrial design studio based in Florence. The firm specializes in the furniture sector and designs and produces iconic sofas, chairs, tables, beds, and light fixtures. Bimbi’s products are highly sought-after around the globe. By putting a focus on both beauty and functionality, it makes the products have a dual personality as a comfortable piece of furniture as well as a lovely focal point. Bimbi pays incredible attention to detail and uses a playful amount of geometry to create bold and eye-catching pieces.