Lia Bosch

Trained by interacting with the most different languages, Lia Bosch is an artist who cultivates the whole potential of an open “gaze”, unconcerned about the presumed urgencies of current events and aware that there is no projection into the future without the driving force generated by a profound, historical and symbolic analysis of its roots. She acquired her identity as an author through a diploma obtained at Brera Academy implemented by the most various experiences in design, photography, dance, acting, fashion, as well as long training, stays in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, in the belief that the ways of Knowledge are everywhere provided that you take them and live them in the right way.
From all this sap comes the attitude to explore the tradition by developing the spark of creativity which is intolerant to labels, and at the same time fuelled by the most diverse formal idioms.
Her maturation turns out to be highly personalized and at the same time in full evolution, in the track of a creative path characterized also by attractive weaves of fashion and design.