Maurizio Manzoni

Maurizio Manzoni got his degree in Architecture in Florence, and his interests range from interior architecture, interior design, architecture, graphics, exhibition and showroom installations, as well as the styling of fabrics and the design of motor boats and mega-yachts.
In the world of industrial design, he collaborates with several prominent luxury brands at both national and international level.
In 2001 he founded StudioMEMO, in Florence, with the intent to pursue an original design philosophy, specifically addressing the complexity of the dynamics relating to contemporary living, and pursuing a proactive and innovative research towards an exclusive and original design.
Thanks to his deep familiarity with the world of design, and together with a team of highly specialized collaborators, Maurizio Manzoni proposes contemporary creative solutions, always in accordance with the DNA of the brands to which he lends his design ideas.
The collaboration between Cantori and Maurizio Manzoni, which began in 2019, was born of a common desire to unpack a new, contemporary concept of living.