MUT is a design studio founded in 2010 by designer Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, MUT Design Studio is formed by a multidisciplinary team. Their inspiration comes from nature and the apparently prosaic objects making up the puzzle of their daily life, always true to the principles of emotional design. Experimenting with those everyday objects in order to redefine them is one of their bred-in-the-bone hallmarks. Thanks to their independent personality, MUT has turned into a design icon. Their award-winning products are regularly featured in the pages of top leading magazines around the world and at the present time, they are listed among the most popular and highly regarded designers of their generation. MUT collaborates with and international companies, such as ex.t, Sancal, Gan, Preciosa ,Expormim, LZF, Peronda Group, Harmony, Coordone, Zaozuo, Plust Collection, Miras Editions, Missana, Archiproducts, among other clients