Opera Design

The Studio OPERA WORK IN PROGRESS was born in 1990.
Mario Dell’Orto and Emanuela Garbin created a studio to join their different experiences, matured in the same professional environment. The common denominator is a particular affinity, with a shared goal: answer to the sector problems in a complete and specialized way.
Since 1995 Michela Boglietti is Managing Partner of Opera Comunicazione, a division created to satisfy the Media, Marketing and Communication needs within the sector.
The activity of the studio range from the identification of development strategies to the study of communication, to industrial design, to the project or restoring of shops and exhibitions, consulting activities which includes targeted specificity to identify an organizational and synergistic path to better position brands on the market and the reference area. The Studio then develops synergistic activity obtained by the interconnection between the individual intervention specializations, then exercise the option to be able to face, with a wider view, the problems that nowadays overcrowd a sector which is experiencing great transformation and change.
The continuously evolving of the Design sector has allowed project themes to be developed for several different utilization channels and placements in the furniture and interior design market. These products are featured in the collections of some of the sector’s most prestigious names and have received numerous awards in exhibitions and competitions.