Rene Roubicek

Born on January 23, 1922, in Prague. He joined the Attempting Reform School in Nusle. Pupils under the guidance of Miloslav Disman regularly recited and René and his two-year-old brother were members of Disman\’s children\’s radio ensemble. From the second class, he devoted himself to drawing and painting and only because of the closing of the Academy of Fine Arts he joined the School of Applied Arts in Prague. He studied at Jaroslav Holek at the studio focused on painting and glass, and he passed the state exam with Josef Kaplický. Under the leadership of the father, both brothers during the Protectorate period were engaged in the printing and dissemination of resistance papers. He has worked in the art studios of the Secondary School of Glass in Kamenický Šenov and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He led the ateliers of the Borse Glass National Enterprise and worked with many companies and glassworks. René Roubíček became one of the leading artistic personalities of the new Czech Glass, whose work was presented at, for example, EXPO 1958 in Brussels and EXPO 1967 in Montreal, where she received a worldwide reputation. The lifelong work of René Roubíček pervades the effort to move the boundaries of artistic expression and technological possibilities of making glass. René Roubíček died in May 2018.