Government CISSP Braindumps incompetence augmented August 7, 2018 – Posted in: Uncategorized

300-101 dumps The Budapest 300-101 questions Transport Authority (BKK, in Hungarian) recently launched an 300-101 dumps online payment system with 300-101 questions the help of a 300-101 questions T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom’s consulting arm. The system, which 300-101 dumps took three 300-101 dumps months to build, CISSP Braindumps was 300-101 questions supposed to be installed in time for the FINA world championships in Budapest. 300-101 questions The ccna ccna software, 300-101 questions not unexpectedly for such a project, was full of bugs including CISSP Braindumps the discovery of an administration screen with with a password 300-101 questions 300-101 dumps set to CISSP Braindumps “adminadmin.”

Government CISSP Braindumps incompetence augmented by money-hungry consultants is CISSP Braindumps nothing new. But what happened next is 300-101 questions certainly something unique.On ccna or about July 14 an unnamed 300-101 questions 18-year-old -“The boy is nobody. He’s not even a programmer,” said one ccna Hungarian who wished to ccna remain anonymous – emailed BKK about a hole 300-101 questions he found ccna in 300-101 dumps 300-101 questions CISSP Braindumps their system. CISSP Braindumps ccna The 300-101 dumps hole, 300-101 questions 300-101 questions if ccna CISSP Braindumps it can 300-101 dumps be called that, let ccna anyone with passing knowledge CISSP Braindumps ccna of modern browsers CISSP Braindumps to CISSP Braindumps CISSP Braindumps set any price CISSP Braindumps ccna 300-101 questions 300-101 questions 300-101 dumps they CISSP Braindumps wanted for any 300-101 questions ccna ticket ccna in the system. By simply pressing F12 a “hacker” could change the 300-101 dumps price of a ticket right in the browser, ccna and 300-101 dumps because there were no server ccna checks, CISSP Braindumps they could purchase ccna 300-101 dumps CISSP Braindumps the ticket at that price. The 18-year-old “hacker” discovered this and 300-101 dumps 300-101 dumps showed BKK that he was able 300-101 dumps to buy a monthly ticket. “A monthly pass costs 9500HUF (about 30EUR) and he 300-101 dumps modified the price to 50HUF,” wrote,Laszlo Maraiin his post on the attack.