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Beetle Hi-Rek Chair With Wooden Legs

Price: $ 470.00 - $ 520.00

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With the introduction of the un-upholstered Beetle Chair, the collection has bloomed into a chair series with unlimited possibilities. The Beetle Chair is no longer only an upholstered chair but also available with a polypropylene Hi-Rek plastic shell, giving it a lighter expression with notable durability at a lower price point. The chair's subtle matte texture offers a soft tactility where its outstanding sitting comfort is obtained. Thanks to the wide spectrum of color and base options, the un-upholstered Beetle is an ideal solution for both formal and informal spaces alike. Mix and match between the seven harmonious colors to create a personal expression. The design of the chair reinterprets the characteristic elements of the beetles' sections: shape, shells, sutures, rigid outside and soft inside. The comfortable yet dynamic design makes the Beetle Chair suitable for multiple environments whether it is in the home or the workplace. The chair is available with unupholstered Hi-Rek shell, seat upholstery or front and seat upholstered shell. Fully upholstered version available. Plastic glides included, felt glides available on request. The collection includes chairs, barstools, sofas and lounge chair. Other versions include swivel, castors or metal legs.

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 beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_01  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_02  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_03  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_04  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_05  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_06  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_07  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_08  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_09  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_10  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_11  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_12  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_13  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_14  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_15  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_16  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_17  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_18  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_19  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_20  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_21  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_22  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_23  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_24  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_25  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_26  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_27  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_28  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_29  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_30  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_31  beetle-chair-with-wood-legs-unupholstered_15  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_32  beetle-hirek-chair-wooden-legs_33 




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