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Lollipop Pendant

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Product Variants

  • #53608 - Lollipop Pendant - D - $ 3,470.00
  • #53609 - Lollipop Pendant - C - $ 3,990.00
  • #53610 - Lollipop Pendant - B - $ 3,880.00
  • #53611 - Lollipop Pendant - A - $ 3,990.00

Product Description

Ever peered into the sun through a green glass bottle? Or enjoyed a slightly distorted reality through a colored lens? The Lollipop collection is based on similar moments of fascination with transparency and perception. Boris Klimek experimented with the technique of slumped glass, exploring its wide possibilities in terms of glass coloring, glint, and internal structure. Made of amorphous glass plates, combined with the metal holder and inserted light source, the resulting objects are reminiscent of lollipops. The Lollipop collection consists of table lights, floor lights, and suspension lights. The Lollipop Pendant Light is available in 4 sizes. Also available as a cluster of pendants. Introduced in 2016. Hand made in the Czech Republic.

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: Pendant A: 18"Diam. x 33"H
    Pendant B: 19"Diam. x 29.5"H
    Pendant C: 25.5"Diam. x 29"H
    Pendant D: 16"Diam. x 26.5"H

  • Color: Glass: clear, light amber, light pink, light brown, orange, light blue, turquoise

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