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Macaron Table Light

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The Macaron Table Light pays homage to the beauty and complex structures of crystalline stone.  Enclosed in opposing domes of delicate hand-blown glass, the stone becomes a moonscape afloat in its own cosmos.  The light source casts its glow upward from the onyx base to energize the meandering chalcedony veins in the center onyx plate and create a subtle and mesmerizing lighting effect.  The concept is based on the principle of illuminating stone, and the name refers to the light's similarity in shape to the famed French meringue confection.  Natural imperfections in the glass and the diversity of structures in the stone make each light a unique original.  Macaron comes in three sizes- the largest of which also makes an attractive floor light- and in several glass color options with either white or honey onyx.  The collection offers an alternate version featuring a center plate made of fused glass shards in combination with a wooden base.  Hand Made in the Czech Republic.

Light Bulb: GX53 10W 2700K 700LM

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