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Sushi Extension Table

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Product Description

The Sushi table is an elegant and stylish piece of furniture and one of a collection. This particular item is very popular and has been for many years, loved for its timeless style, resilience, and innovative design. The table is beautiful and very versatile, perfect to use as a dining room table, a desk in an office, or table for a conference room. The table is available in extendable and fixed versions and both designs look amazing when placed in a room with minimalist style. The extendable version, when pulled out to its full extent, still manages to retain its aesthetic style, with the legs remaining at the ends of the table and thin, sleek top remaining even and parallel to the floor. The table is strong and sturdy and simple, although unforgettable in design. Structured in aluminum and top is available in Alucompact laminate, Pure white laminate, Fenix anti-scratch surface, Ceramic stone/marble or back-painted glass with laminate extensions. Please note slight color variations to our sample colors choices. Tables that exceed 98" have a top that slightly bends, which is compliant with quality standards and does not harm the functionality of the tables. Newly added is the material options is DEKTON® by Cosentino is a mix of the latest building materials, used to create a top that is ultra- resistant to abrasion, UV rays, temperature variations and stains. All this can be found in a thickness of just 8 mm, which combines minimalist aesthetic appeal with extreme uses. Dekton material offered in three color options. Inquire for modular office configurations and components. Suitable for high traffic contract and outdoor environments.

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: Extension:
    49"-65"-80", 59"-75"-90.5",70"-85"-101"L x 31.5"D x 29"H
    59"-74"-88",70"-84"-98"-113", 79"-93"-108", 87"-101"-116"L x 35.5"D x 29"H
    39"-67", 70"-88"-107", 70”-84”-99”L x 39”D
    79"- 97"-115", 79”-93”-107”L x 39”D
    87"-105"-124"L x 39"D x 29"H

    31.5",49",59".70",79", 87, 94", 102", 110", 118"L x 31.5"D x 29'H
    35.5",49",59", 69",79", 86",94",102",110"L x 35"D x 29"H
    39",59", 69", 78", 87", 94", 102", 110", 118"L x 39"D x 29"H
    87", 94.5", 113" x 49"D x 29"H 55"L x 55"D x 29"H

  • Color: Alucompact Laminate Top: white, sand grey, grey, anthracite grey or black
    Pure White Laminate top

    Fenix NTM Tops with Black Edge: white, London grey, Bromo grey or Inidgo black
    Fenix NTM Colored Edge: white, London grey

    Dekton Ceramic Stone: white, grey or digital marble
    Matte or Glossy Glass Top: white, anthracite, black or titanium
    Glossy Glass Custom Colors: RAL/NCS colors

    Metal Lacquered Legs: anodized aluminum, white(RAL 9016), sand-grey (RAL 9002), anthracite grey (RAL 7015), black (RAL9004), London grey (RAL design 0805005 or Bromo grey (RAL 7012)

    Alucompact Laminate Extensions: white, sand grey, anthracite grey or black

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