Patricia Urquiola & Federico Pepe

An unprecedented synthesis between an age-old technique and abstract graphics.
With many hands and voices involved, the project is a result of teamwork.
“Credenza” tries to reconcile the “orthodoxy” of Patricia Urquiola’s contemporary design and the “heresy” of communication, which fuses with the art of Federico Pepe, founder of Le Dictateur.
It is a collection of small cabinets, rugs, and screens, whose sole-function is not only to contain and furnish, but to enter into a relationship with the space, creating a new tension, creating a presence.
The design is technical and the material is very traditional, but they are used in a way that gives its own independence. The idea was born from the desire to transform traditional stained-glass into an object, using a technique which has almost been abandoned, bringing it back to life in furniture pieces with ultra-modern patterns and graphics.
The rugs have been produced solely by hand by cc-tapis and complete the collection of furniture edited by Spazio Pontaccio with patterns, colors, and materials that testify the desire to give value to ancient production techniques adding a contemporary breath to them.