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Peanut B Sofa

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Product Description

A collection of modular units that can be combined as required, with three types of pouf that can further personalize each configuration; the feather filling makes it particularly soft and the wide choice of removable covers ‘dress' it with elegance. Some units can be equipped with a sliding mechanism, which allows the depth of the seat to be extended, so making it even more comfortable. The standard seat padding of this model is in feather. Available on request in Air soft version. Fully removable cover in fabric or leather. Made in Italy.

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: Sofa:
    102"L x 39"D x 27"H
    83"L x 39"D x 27"H
    75"L x 39"D x 27"H

    Sectional Sofa Elements
    End Section:
    93"L x 39"D x 27"H
    73"L x 39"D x 27"H
    65"L x 39"D x 27"H

    Corner Sofa:
    95"L x 39"D x 27"H
    76"L x 39"D x 27"H
    68"L x 39"D x 27"H

    Chaise Lounge:
    49"L x 67"D x 27"H
    41"L x 59"D x 27"H

    Center Section:
    83"L x 39"D x 27"H
    63"L x 39"D x 27"H
    55"L x 39"D x 27"H
    47"L x 49"D x 27"H
    47"L x 39"D x 27"H
    39"L x 39"D x 27"H
    28"L x 49"D x 27"H
    28"L x 39"D x 27"H
    28"L x 59"D x 27"H

    Center Section Movable:
    38"L x 49"-59"D x 27"H
    28"L x 39"-49"D x 27"H

    39"L x 59"D x 17"H
    39"L x 39"D x 17"H
    39"L x 30"D x 17"H
    37"L x 30"D x 17"H

    Pillows: 20"L x 20"H

    Armrest available in 4 sizes.
    Sectional sofa available in a variety of configurations, please inquire for full list and possible configurations.

  • Color: Upholstery: various graded fabrics, eco-leather or leathers
    Also available in COM.

    Wood Feet: painted silver

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