Chris Basias

Chris Basias is a product designer who specializes in lighting. Light is his passion and as he confesses he can see the light in every moment of his life. He is the founder of the creative studio CT Lights, based in Athens, Greece since 2012. This studio is created to manufacture his prototypes and limited handmade production of his luminaries. He loves to be part of the production on his own hands and with the assistance of his dedicated team. From early on, his love for crafting and experimenting led him to explore the world of arts and product design. He has a passion for the creative process and prototyping his ideas in a nontraditional way. His lighting concepts often display hints of an eccentric and romantic ideal, with an element of playfulness and references from his childhood experiences in the Greek countryside. His designs are very original and characterized by simple lines and geometric forms. Each piece has a story to tell and allows space for beauty and emotion to underpin the innovative craftsmanship.