Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk

Kiki grew up in Tegelen, a small city in the Netherlands. She is now one of the most accomplished names of Dutch design.
She studied at the Design Academy of Eindhoven where she met her future partner, Joost van Bleiswijk. Inspired by a childlike sense of wonder and the smallest details of every day, Kiki’s world is whimsical and colorful, lyrical and personal, yet refined by rigorous attention and skillful craftsmanship. Since establishing her studio in 2000, following her graduation Cum Laude from the Design Academy Eindhoven, van Eijk has produced a unique body of work that spans from furniture design to textiles to experimental art installations and works on paper.
Her independent sculptural work has been presented in museums, galleries, and fairs worldwide, including Basel, London, Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, and Rome.
Her collaborations include brands as Hermès, Google, Saint-Louis, Cor Unum, Bisazza, Häagen-Dazs, Serax, Bernhardt Design and Nodus. In recent years she has collaborated with companies and institutions like Coachella, Studio Edelkoort Paris, Audax Textile Museum, Zuiderzee Museum, Noord Brabants Museum, Design Academy Eindhoven, Venice Projects, Rijksmuseum, Centraal Museum Utrecht and private collectors.
Joost van Bleiswijk is a prolific Dutch designer who gives great value to the process of making. He grew up in Delft and studied at the Design Academy of Eindhoven, where he met his future partner, Kiki van Eijk.
His work references iconic designs such as grandfather clocks, high-backed chairs, chess sets, and cupboards; bringing these designs into a contemporary setting has marked Joost’s work throughout his career. A genuine fascination for the construction of the object – often revealed in the final outcome – is the starting point of his process. The workshop is where Joost engages with the experience of designing as an intensely physical act. The creative process unfolds in a quite instinctive and gestural way. From his early famous No Glue No Screw collection to the latest Mecchanic and Protopunk series, Joost has always used bold shapes and strong lines to create new daring designs, defying usefulness and striving for audacious creativity. His collaborations include brands like MOOOI, Bernhardt Design, ICE Carpets, Secondome and Ahrend. In recent years he has designed for collectors, companies, and institutions such as The Rijksmuseum, Design Academy Eindhoven, Venice Projects, Zuiderzee Museum, Noord Brabants Museum. He has exhibited in private galleries and museums around the world including Basel, London, Paris, Milan, Venice, New York, Tokyo, Moscow and Holon.