Moa Sjöberg

Born in Sweden in 1997, Moa Sjöberg has a bachelor’s in furniture design from LiU Malmstens where her degree project was called Everything Accept the Walls in which she explored how a furniture designer can create spatiality. By studying how other people in creative spheres achieve spatial quality, Sjöberg invented a design process that explored an alternative way to create a room, based on the object. The project focused on a glass, a table, and a rug which together created a room.

After graduation, Sjöberg worked together with Asplund on the dining table Moci which was chosen as the Furniture of the Year by the magazine Rum in 2022. Sjöberg runs her studio working with a.o. the H&M Home chain store. Since 2023 Sjöberg has been working as an industrial designer at Patricia Urquiola’s studio in Milan.

‍  The degree project Everything Except the Walls was a part of the Ex-Works 2020 exhibition at the Museum of Furniture Studies in 2020.