Piero Pinto

Piero Pinto is one of the most famous and sought-after Italian designers; Has worked in Milan since 1958. As a designer and interior decorator, he has always created clean lines and wonderful spaces everywhere in the world.
Among his most important private performances are Villa and Apartment for Mariuccia Mandelli Pinto; Krizia; Villa for Angeli Rizzoli in Rome; Castello Golf Club and Club House for Laura Biagiotti in Rome; Monastery near Izmir in Turkey. Boutiques and shops: Krizia, Galtrucco; Genny; Missoni; T & amp; J Vestor; Coin in Venice; Martha International Boutique in New York, Laura Biagiotti in Milan, Rome, New York and Venice.
Contract and Public Achievements: Casinos in Nairobi Kenya; The Clubino in Milan; Renovation and Interior Design of the Royal Huael in Courmayeur; Interior Design at El Toula Beijing, Toronto, New York, and Milan. Renovation and Interior Design of Offices and Computer Center for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Yachts.